College Leagues

OUWPC run a league in Michaelmas/Hilary term for college teams to play in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

If you wish to enter your college team into the 2013-14 league or have any other questions please email

Deadline for entry: Thursday of 2nd Week.

This year we will be allowing joint college teams, so if you can't find a team in your own college but still wish to take part then email your name(s) and your college and we will try to pair you up with others without a whole team.

The current format is 3-woman teams. Each player plays two frames of singles against two different members of the opposing team, making 6 frames in total.

If the match is a draw, a 'sudden death' singles frame should be played between a nominated player from each team to determine the winning team. Use the links at the sides for more details.

2007 - Div 1 - Winners Trinity. Div 2 - Winners St. Hugh's.
2006 -
Div 1 - Winners Merton. Div 2 - Winners Trinity.
2005 -
Div 1 - Winners Wolfson. Div 2 - Winners Harris Manchester.
2004 -
Div 1 - Winners Wadham. Div 2 - Winners Merton.
2003 -
Div 1 - Winners Pembroke. Div 2 - Winners Wolfson.
2002 -
Div 1 - Winners Corpus. Div 2 - Winners Merton.