Women's Cuppers Rules

Cuppers Entries should be emailed to by Saturday of 2nd week at the latest.

In order to get through a large quantity of matches it is important that the deadlines are complied with. Remember to get in touch with opponents in plenty of time and supply full contact details to speed things up. It is assumed that matches will be arranged by email, but it helps if the captains swap mobile numbers in case of any last-minute problems. We reserve the right to award matches if they are not played on time, or to settle any disputed claims by the toss of a coin.

If preferred, or if the home table is not of an adequate standard (ie has holes in the beize, has loose or missing cushions or has more than a slight roll on it) singles or doubles matches may either be played away or at Crownhouse or A1 Pool Clubs.

Woman team cuppers

Fees of £12 per 4-6 Woman team must reach OUWPC by Wednesday 3rd week otherwise teams will face immediate disqualification.

The first stage of the competition will be a group stage, with every team playing every other team in their group. The number of groups will be decided once all the entries have been received. The final stage of the competition will be a knockout stage. Depending on the number of teams entered, this will probably consist of 4 teams, but this will be decided once all the entries are in.

Matches in the group stage will be played from 3rd week of Hilary term with the home side offering two reasonable times to the away captain. The home side for each match is that in the left hand column of the table.

The match will consist of eight frames of singles pool, each player playing two frames and each frame being worth one point. More than four players can be used, providing that no player plays more than two frames per match (excluding a deciding frame if needed). The order of play is up to each captain. The draw will be 'blind', i.e. each captain chooses their team's order without knowing the opposition order. A lag should be performed before every frame to determine who breaks. Should the match be tied a deciding ninth frame is played between players nominated by each captain and another lag should be performed to decide who breaks. The winning side is awarded two extra points, so a 4-2 victory becomes 6-2 and a 4-4 tie becomes 6-4 after the deciding frame.

A referee should be appointed by the home team for each frame. This should be one of the players from the home team. This referee may change from frame to frame. If there is a dispute with the quality of the referee (e.g. inadequate knowledge of the rules), then the away team may also appoint one of their players to act as a referee for all frames. Any disputes should only be resolved by the the referee(s), current players (of that specific frame) and team captains. Any external interference may be deemed as coaching and loss of frame. Any unresolved disputes should be passed on to the OUWPC committee by the phone numbers given in the initial league email.

A claimed match will be regarded as a 5-0 victory and therefore will be worth 7 points in the group stage of the tournament. Please avoid claiming matches if possible. It is important that all group stage matches are played on time as the knockout stage will begin immediately after the group stage.

Results should reach (with '4-Woman Team Result' in the subject line) by the appropriate deadline.

Doubles Cuppers

This is a straightforward knockout competition. Matches will be the best of 5 frames, except for the final which will be best of 7 frames. Players should take alternate visits. Conferring between partners is only allowed between visits. From Blackball rules, Conferring is now NOT allowed between a free shot and a visit NOR after the break.

A lag should be performed by one player of each couple to decide which pair breaks first. Either player may break.

Results should be sent to with 'Doubles Result' in the subject line.

Singles cuppers

This is also a straightforward knockout competition. Matches will be the best of five frames, except for the final which will be best of 7 frames. 

A lag should be performed to decide which player breaks first.

Results should be sent to with 'Singles Result' in the subject line.

For further information contact the committee on