2004 Monday Pool Team

Monday Night League - Colours 'B'

Captain : Sarah Milham


The Women's varsity squad put out a team of 5 ladies to compete in the local league against the best local players.
Currently we are in division three, holding our own against mainly men's teams from all around Oxford. In 2002/03 we finished in 5th place out of 10 in division 3.
The monday league provides us with match practice against strong opposition, and prepares our squad members for playing in the varsity competition.

End of Season Summary

The Monday league is now complete. Having had a great start to the year, it looked like we might well be battling for promotion by the end. However a run of losses in the middle meant our chances were slim, and with a handful of games left to play we were out of the running. We again managed to finish middle of the league, in 6th place out of 12. A decent performance that our ladies can be pleased with, but I hope to build on this next year. Some teams we lost to one week, and then would concvincingly beat the next. If we can just cut out those couple of performances that let us down, we have every chance of being in contention next year. We've looked formiddable in the knockout so far, with the semi finals still to come, so Oxford knows we can be a force to be reckoned with. Well done as well to Jaz for finishing in the top 20 most wins (Joint 16th). Good to see the ladies up there!

See below for team and individual performance

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Most Wins

Monday League Girls Team - Colours 'B'
P 22 W 10 L 12
Best of 3 Frames. 1 Point per best of 3
Name P W % match win
Jasmine Venning 19 10 53
Sarah Milham 17 7 41
Shelley White 7 6 86
Fiona Riddick 11 5 45
Alex LaVia 10 4 40
Naomi Bowman 10 3 33
Sarah Ireland 3 2 67
Jennifer Morrison 7 2 29
Suzanne Clifford 1 1 100
Rachel Hallam 1 1 100
Natalie Lane 2 1 50
Elinor Baker 5 1 20
Claire Haworth 5 1 20
Anda Goddard 1 0 0
Sally Franklin 1 0 0
Gereint Morgan 1 1 100
Mark Shephard 1 1 100
Simon Spink 1 1 100
Craig Honey 1 1 100
Dave Smith 2 1 50
Tim Part 2 1 50
Trevor Davies 1 0 0

(Occasionally we have let men play on our Monday side due to lack of numbers. Particularly over the holidays there are sometimes not enough female varsity players in Oxford. Thanks to those who filled in, your records are also listed at the bottom of the table)

Fixtures and Results:

An additional bonus point is given for a win at an away venue

(to us)
PLAYERS: (wins in bold)
? W Catherine Wheel 'B' Home 3-2 Sarah, Shelley, Fiona, Sarah I, Simon
? W Catherine Wheel 'B' Away 4-2 Sarah, Shelley, Fiona, Sarah I, Natalie
22/09/03 L East Oxford Social Club 'A' Home 2-4 Sarah, Shelley, Fiona, Claire, Natalie
29/09/03 W East Oxford Social Club 'A' Away 5-1 Sarah, Jaz, Shelley, Fiona, Sarah I
20/10/03 L Chequers (Quarry) 'B' Home 2-4 Sarah, Jaz, Fiona, Alex, Naomi
27/10/03 W Chequers (Quarry) 'B' Away 4-2 Sarah, Jaz, Shelley, Fiona, Claire
03/11/03 W Catherine Wheel 'A' Home 5-0 Sarah, Jaz, Shelley, Alex, Jenny
10/11/03 W Catherine Wheel 'A' Away 4-2 Sarah, Jaz, Alex, Naomi, Rachel
01/12/03 L Morris Motors Social Club Home 2-4 Sarah, Jaz, Jenny, Naomi, Gereint
08/12/03 W Morris Motors Social Club Away 4-2 Jaz, Alex, Naomi, Mark, Jenny
05/01/04 L Somerset House 'B' Home 2-4 Sarah, Jaz, Fiona, Dave, Trevor
12/01/04 L Somerset House 'B' Away 2-3 Sarah, Jaz, Shelley, Tim, Claire
19/01/04 L Berkshire House Home 0-6 Sarah, Jaz, Alex, Naomi, Elf
26/01/04 L Berkshire House Away 0-5 Sarah, Jaz, Claire, Naomi, Alex
16/02/04 L Oxford Blue Home 2-4 Sarah, Jaz, Fiona, Alex, Claire
23/02/04 W Oxford Blue Away 6-0 Jaz, Naomi, Jenny, Fiona, Alex
15/03/04 L Marlborough House Away 0-5 Jaz, Alex, Elf, Anda, Naomi
22/03/04 L Marlborough House Home 0-6 Jaz, Dave, Fiona, Elf, Jenny
19/04/04 L East Oxford Social Club 'B' Away 1-4 Fiona, Jaz, Sally, Alex, Sarah
26/04/04 W East Oxford Social Club 'B' Home 3-2 Jenny, Jaz, Elf, Sarah, (Cl)
10/05/04 L South Oxford Conservative Club Home 2-4 Naomi, Sarah, Jenny, Tim, Jaz
17/05/04 W South Oxford Conservative Club Away 5-1 Suzie, Naomi, Elf, Craig, Jaz
Knockout Competitions
DOUBLES (17/11/03) - Last 32

Jasmine Venning & Fiona Riddick v Churki Singh & Shake Ahmed (Marlborough House) (3-1)

MIXED DOUBLES (24/11/03) - Preliminary Round Last 13

Fiona Riddick & Dave Spence v Claire Haworth & John Kinsey (3-1)

SINGLES (15/12/03) - Last 64
Best of 5

Jasmine Venning v G Holden (Catherine Wheel 'A') (3-1)

Fiona Riddick v Billy Norton (Chequers (Quarry) 'B') (1-3)

TEAM (22/12/03) - Last 16
Best of 5

Colours 'B' v Marlborough House (3-0)

Dave 2-1, Fiona - 2-0, Jaz 2-1, Shelley - , Sarah I - ,

DOUBLES (02/02/04) - Last 16

Jasmine Venning & Fiona Riddick v Steve Eustace & Ben Scott (Moody's 'A') (2-3)

SINGLES (09/02/04) - Last 32

Jasmine Venning v Chris Nuttall/Barry King (Catherine Wheel) (Claimed)

TEAM (01/03/04) - Quarter Final

Colours 'B' v Tandem (3-1)

Jaz 2-0, Claire 0-2, Shelley 2-1, Sarah 2-0, Alex - ,

MIXED DOUBLES (08/03/04) - Quarter Finals

Alex LaVia & Tom Cochrane v Henri Coles & Ash Fletcher (Chequers Inn) (0-3)

Fiona Riddick & Dave Spence v Malcom Lewis & Rachel Walker (Osney Arms) (0-3)

SINGLES (05/04/04) - Last 16

Jasmine Venning v Keith Taylor (Chequers Inn) (1-3)

TEAM (07/06/04) - Semi Final

Colours 'B' v Rover Cowley Social Club


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