2005 Town vs Gown

This year was the first ever women's Town v Gown. Oxford University men have enjoyed the challenge of taking on the local town talent for a long time but for the women there has never been a town team to challenge. This was all to change with the graduation of Jasmine Venning- Having spent a large amount of time playing pool for Oxford University she wasn't about to cut down pool playing when she left. Under her enthousiastic captaincy an increadably strong town team was born. The Town team consisted of Hazel Debrowski (world rules international), Kerry Alderson (World rules county player), Henri Coles, Ruth Jimenez and Jasmine Vening (BAPTO county players). So with an international and 4 county players as their opposition, the Oxford university team had quite a match on their hands.The Gown Team was Alex La Via (captain), Sarah Milham, Nicki Hoskins, Sally Frankiln and Jenna Parker. The University Team was actually very strong compared to recent years Alex, Sarah, Nicki and Sally all being county players but was it strong enough?

First up was the captain, Alex La Via, she faced Ruth Jimenez. Alex's experience showed through with some great potting and tactics and she sealed a 3-0 victory to put the Gown 1-0 up.

Sarah Milham was next up and took on Kerry Alderson. Kerry played a very strong game and although Sarah had a few chances she couldn't make them count. Kerry won 3-0 to level the score at 1 all.

Nicki Hoskins then faced Hazel Debrowski. Hazel's reputation went before her. Being a twice over national champion she was quite an opponent to face! Nicki put up a fantastic performance and the match was of a very high quality and close. In the end Hazel's experience showed through and she won 3-1 to put the Town 2-1 ahead.

Sally Franklin then stepped up against Henri Coles, this was expected to be a very close match and we certainly weren't let down. The match was tense with chances on both sides but Henri came through the victor winning 3-2 and sealing the victory for the Town.

Jenna Parker was then facing captain Jasmine Venning. Determined to pull the score closer she played very well but Jaz was on form and took a 3-1 victory to take the overall score to 4-1.

Congratulations to the Town team! With a wealth of experience and talent they were worthy opponents and have set a high standard to meet next year.


Alex La Via 3 - 0

Ruth Jimenez

Sarah Milham 0 - 3

Kerry Alderson

Nicki Hoskins 1 - 3

Hazel Debrowski

Sally Franklin 2 - 3

Henri Coles

Jenna Parker 1 - 3 Jaz Venning
Gown 1 - 4


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