2009 Town vs Gown


 OUWPC get a fantastic 3-2 win over the town team in 2009!

Conny Meisenberg (Wolfson) 1 - 3 Carrie Francombe
Nicki Hoskins (Trinity) 3 - 1 Emma Penny-Larter
Jojo Scoble (Green) 0 - 3 Hazel Dabrowski
Rachael Featherstone (New) 3 - 2 Kerry Alderson
Louisa Gill (HMC) 3 - 1 Jaz Venning


The match started with the well-matched tie of Conny vs Carrie. This had the potential of being a potting match, and turned out to be just that! Unfortunately Conny played a few fouls in the first two frames to leave her on the back foot at 2-0 down. She then fought back to win the third frame well, with a great positional shot on her last ball and a confident long pot on the black. The fourth frame was looking in Conny's favour as the potting continued, but after missing the black Carrie took out a good clearance to win 3-1.

Next was fellow Thursday league Crown House players Nicki and Emma. After a good first frame from Nicki with some good potting, the second frame was a bit shakey with a tricky deliberate foul that went wrong, which leave the score 1-1. The third frame saw Nicki knuckle down and play some good deliberate fouls, including playing one of Emma's balls over the black. At 2-1 up, the next frame was taken out quickly by Nicki to win 3-1. A sounder knowledge of World rules was definitely to Nicki's advantage.

3rd up saw Jojo v Hazel. The first frame was very close, with Jojo in control and playing some nice safety shots before being unlucky to go in-off on her penultimate ball. The second frame Jojo was on the back foot from the start with her yellows in a bad position. Hazel played well to take out that frame, and the next with some good clearances.

Next was the close match between Rachael and Kerry. The first frame saw an in-off from Kerry, which Rachael made count with a good clearance and a great shot bridging over a ball for the black. The second frame saw a great snooker from Rachael, with Kerry playing a very powerful deliberate foul that unintentionally knocked one of Rachael's ball's safe. Rachael then missed a pot and left Kerry a chance, which she took out, but with a lucky triple on the black! In the thrid frame Rachael was in control again and planted a good snooker. However Kerry's luck continued as she got a lucky snooker back on Rachael's last two balls. A deliberate foul went amiss from Rachael and Kerry cleared up, leaving Rachael 2-1 down. The fourth frame saw some good play and snookers from both players, but Kerry's luck ran out when she was left with no options, and hit a ball hard towards the end of a frame only to knock the black in! The deciding frame was played well by Rachael, with some good clearing and great shots on her last two balls on the black. A win of 3-2 meant that Louisa would take on the deciding match!

Louisa v Jaz showed some great nerve from Louisa, who kept her head and played consistently well throughout, making few mistakes. The tactical play and potting in all four frames were superb. The only frame lost was in the third frame when Louisa had covered the pocket for the black, leaving Jaz nowhere. Jaz then pulled out a great double on her last ball. The white was flying round the table and Jaz got a bit lucky when it bounced off the top corner knuckle to leave her in the only place on the table where she could pot the black in a pocket that Louisa hadn't covered! However Louisa didn't let this affect her, and went on to win the final frame well with yet more good tactical play and potting.

So gown won through 3-2 against a strong town team, a massive achievement. Bring on BUSA and the Varsity match!