2002 Varsity Match


Following a narrow Oxford victory in last year's varsity match, both teams came to the table this year with realistic dreams of success. Cambridge had the home advantage, and in an attempt to limit Oxford's tactical play, which had proved so damaging in previous years, opted for the match to be played under World rules. This plan backfired, as Oxford got off to the best possible start, the Cambridge captain losing all three singles frames against an on-form Fiona Riddick. Natasha Desoysa also played some of the best pool of the day to win her singles 3-0. Shelly White, Caroline Dodds, Sarah Milham, Toni Brown, Harley Rosenbaum and Sarah Ireland all outshone their Cambridge counterparts to win their singles 2-1.

Throughout the rest of the singles rounds the Cambridge women never really found their feet and Oxford led 22-14 at the start of the doubles round. Needing only 6 of the following 18 frames to seal yet another Oxford victory, Fiona came up with the goods again continuing her perfect run in a 3-0 victory with partner Sally Franklin. The match was wrapped up half way through the doubles round, Cambridge only managing to snatch 7 frames to bring the final score to 33 - 21. The Cambridge team were out-classed on the day by a talented Oxford team whose hard work to learn new rules and techniques brought well-deserved results. The Oxford success stemmed not only from top quality individual efforts but having a consistently high standard across the board. Eight of the Oxford team won 4 frames or more out of their 6.

The final score sadly did not represent this class divide as much as it perhaps should have done, the Oxford team seemed to be doing all it could to hand Cambridge a life line, when 7 times unlucky Oxford players conceded frames by potting the white along with the black. But despite this, at no point in the match did Cambridge threaten Oxford's lead and the victory was always a comfortable one. With so many of the current Oxford team eligible to play in next years event, Cambridge are going to have to find something special if they want to reclaim the cup in the near future.

Oxford: Caroline Dodds (Capt) (Corpus), Shelley White (St. Peter's), Fiona Riddick (Oriel), Natasha Desoysa (Lincoln), Sarah Ireland (St. Peter's), Sarah Milham (Merton), Sarah Crowther (Corpus), Harley Rosenbaum (Wadham), Jo Kenner (Merton), Sally Franklin (St. John's), Toni Brown (Balliol), Jennifer Morrison (Corpus), Suzanne Clifford (Wadham).



Fiona Riddick


Natasha Desoysa


Shelley White


Sally Franklin


Sarah Ireland


Harley Rosenbaum


Sarah Milham


Antonia Brown


Jennifer Morrison


Sarah Crowther


Caroline Dodds (Capt.)


Jo Kenner


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