2004 Varsity Match

Sunday 9th May, Cambridge Snooker Club

Champions Again!

This year the match was played in Cambridge, so accompanied by coaches John and Mark we set off at 10.30 to arrive at the club in plenty of time and get some practice on their tables. A year of hard work behind us, we knew it was a particularly strong Oxford side playing this match. However, past matches having been closely fought, and we were wary of underestimating the opposition.

Although one doubles game was played first at Cambridge's request, in general the singles were played first with the doubles coming later in the day.



Jaz was first up, but her efforts to develop her balls into a good position fell down. She had to battle back after her opponent failed to complete the clearence, and Jaz went on to take the frame. In the second and third Jaz didn't manage to gain control of the table, laregly due to uncharacteristic weak potting. The cambridge player didn't give Jaz any chances, and went on to take both frames. 1-2
Meanwhile Naomi had already finished her three frames, having soundly polished off her opponent. In the first Naomi had to take on a tricky black, cutting it into the middle pocket, but she was potting well and continued to knock the long balls in, including a long black to take the second. Her opponent was unable to make a come back in the last, and Naomi took the first 3-0 of the day.
Jenny beat her opponent 2-1. She got into an unfortunate position off the break in the second, as one colour had balls clustered on the cushions, and without a pot off the break, she was at the mercy of her opponent who claimed the better colour and capitalised on this advantage throughout and went on to take that frame.

Anda, new to the team this year, made an impressive debut with 2-1. She made a convincing come back in the first frame, after punishing a miss from her opponent with a good clearence. She was unfortunate not to take the second frame, as an in-off gave her opponent the oppurtunity she needed to clear. Anda cleared impressively in the third, and managed to sneak the 'safe' black past an opposition ball into the middle pocket.
Alex looked very convincing against her opponent, exhibiting strong knowledge of the rules and tactics. There was little the cambridge player could do to stop her. Alex usurped a snooker attempt in the first, taking the white lengthwise off the top cushion to pot the black over the bottom pocket. In the second and third strong clearing left her opponent with too much to do when she came to the table and Alex won comfortably 3-0
Elf (Elinor) was next up for Oxford. In the first she gained early control with a pocket cover, and looked set to clear on her next visit, but her opponent had a bit of luck where she hit out the ball over the covered pocket off another shot, and managed to clear the table first. In the second Elf looked set for revenge and deftly cleared to take the frame. In the third there was work to be done developing problem balls, and she repeatedly safteyed her opponent to gain the advantage. But a mistake whilst clearing let the cambridge player back in and she stole the frame. 1-2

Suzie took the first two frames with ease, but fell down in the third facing a formidable clear from the break. There was much to be done to develop balls in tricky positions over the cushions, but Suzie managed to get onto the black, and was unlucky to just miss a double leaving the black over a pocket, her opponent simply needing to tap it in. 2-1
Fiona took the third 3-0 of the singles. Our experienced Captain took control from the start, and was too good for the cambridge player, who could do nothing to stop Fiona's potting, and she was never really in any danger of losing a frame.
Flora, another new player this year, did well to beat her opponent 2-1, exhibiting some high quality potting along the way. She took the first two, and only fell down in the third after a tactical mistake with deliberate fouls left her opponent able to finish.

Sarah Milham took early command of the table with strong potting. A couple of misses however let her opponent get too much table time in the second, so one frame slipped to the opposition. 2-1
Sarah Thomas took two from three in her match, having to work to develop balls into better positions but managed this more successfully than her opponent and emerged vicotrious. 2-1
Claire found herself up against a tough opponent in her singles, and though she managed to take one frame, the other two fell to Cambridge. 1-2

At this stage there was a pause for lunch before starting the doubles phase. Oxford had already taken a formiddable lead, and with one doubles game already played, we only needed one more frame to win the day! We could relax a bit more, but were also determined to win by the largest possible margin and give cambridge as thorough a thrashing as possible!


The first doubles of the day had been played earlier by Suzie and Elf. They gave us a great start to the day, capitalising on their oppositions lack of tactical prowess. They used deliberate fouls when in dominent table position to provide the oppurtunity to clear on the next visit. Combined with good finishing, with one doubled and two long blacks, the cambridge pair could do nothing to prevent the pair taking all three frames. 3-0
Jaz and Alex were next up, and were largely in command throughout the first frame. It came down to a tricky black however, with the opositions balls all open. Jaz had no option but to take on the double, which flew into the middle pocket. The second got away from them after a foul too many let Cambridge clear, but they came back to take the third conclusively. 2-1

Jenny and Naomi displayed more good pool in their doubles frames. Always in a leading position, they also made advantage of some great flare from Jenny, including a miss which resulting in potting a different ball, and a missed black where the white hurtled back off the cushion to nudge it back into the pocket. Thrilling stuff! Another 3-0 made Naomi the only player to win all six frames of the day!
Anda and Sarah Thomas were struggling in the first when their opposition failed to fall on the black, but Anda came to the table and impressively cleared the table. A tactical second frame lead to a comfortable two shots on the black for Sarah. In the third Anda took on a tricky clearence but with great positioning she landed perfectly on the black to roll it gently into the middle pocket. 3-0

Claire and Flora were battling against poor reffing, not just their opponents! Oxford had to lend a hand as the inexperienced Cambridge players seemed to choose the rules to suit them! Determined not to be undermined however, the pair took all three frames. Good to see a bit of rule breaking gets you nowhere! 3-0
Sarah and Fiona were playing the last frames of the day. Despite missing a few chances in the first two frames, they won comfortably, but an error in the third gave the cambridge side an opportunity to many, and they managed to claim the final frame. 2-1

Long may it continue, as we celebrate our 6th succesive victory against Cambridge!




Naomi Bowman


Alessandra La Via


Anda Goddard


Fiona Riddick


Flora Harragin


Jennifer Morrison


Sarah Thomas


Suzanne Clifford


Claire Haworth


Elinor Baker


Sarah Milham


Jasmine Venning


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