2006 Varsity Match

 Cambridge18-36 OXFORD

Our squad this year included only three 'old' girls, so it seemed like a tall order to be able to put together a top class squad of 12 people who could conquer the Cambridge team, who were rumoured to have been coached this year. However, competition for places in the squad at trials was very tough and of top quality, so there was no worry about the ability of the team.

After the long trip to Cambridge, we all arrived safe and sound and ready to give Cambridge a real thrashing. The singles event was first. Our first round of girls had an unfortunate opening to the match.

Verity 1-2
Venus 1-2
Stephanie 2-1
Rachael 1-2

After the first round of four people we were losing 5-7, so we really had to try to put the score back in our favour. Luckily, the next round was extremely strong and only one game was lost, with 100% wins from Kelly-Beth, Alex and Gill. Gill's knowledge of foul snookers was put to the test. By the end of this round the score was 16-8. We wanted to increase the lead and give them a real thrashing.

Nicki 2-1
Kelly-Beth 3-0
Alex 3-0
Gill 3-0

The next round fortunately left us in a fairly strong position of being up 24-12:

Catherine was up next. She gave a class performance, but her opponent had extreme luck on her side when she hit the black off the cushion and it just went straight in the pocket. Sharon and Lindsay both secured solid 2-1 wins. Jenna managed to produce a 100% win. All of her blacks were long shots.

Catherine 1-2
Sharon 2-1
Jenna 3-0
Lindsay 2-1

Next up was the doubles section of the match. Catherine and Gill were up first. Nicki and Kelly-Beth managed to win spectacularly with a score of 3-0, completing Kelly-Beth's perfect overall score of a complete set of 6 successful frames. Stephanie and Venus gave a good performance and won 2-1. Sharon and Jenna had some gruelling games, and fortunately managed to win 2-1. Alex and Lindsay continued the strong theme with another 2-1 win. Rachael and Verity were last to play their frames. They also secured a 2-1 win, which completed our victory of 36-18 overall.

Nicki and Kelly-Beth 3-0
Stephanie and Venus 2-1
Sharon and Jenna 2-1
Rachael and Verity 2-1
Alex and Lindsay 2-1
Catherine and Gill 1-2

2006 Varsity Team

Thanks should go to Alex and the Cambridge captain for organising everything, and to Alex for captaining the side to yet another victory. Thank you to John, Ash, Mark, Shelley and Dave for coming along to support, and special thanks to John and Ash for all the coaching for another year - the hard work paid off! Oh, and thanks to John for the pole-dancing...  



Kelly-Beth Lawman


Alex La Via (c)


Jenna Parker


Nicki Hoskins


Gill Carlisle


Lindsay Pugh


Sharon Golan


Stephanie Meidinger


Rachael Houlton


Venus He


V Anton


Catherine Edgar


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